January 21st 2015 | Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event


Child Protection 2015 inside image

Child protection issues are never far from the public area and with the Rotherham abuse scandal, followed by reports that similar incidents have taken place in Scotland, questions over the best way to keep children safe are more pertinent than ever. Further with the increase in concerns over online abuse as well as the growth in child trafficking, there are an increasing number of challenges facing those in the field.

 The Scottish Government released its report – National Guidance on Child Protection in Scotland – in 2010, refreshing it earlier this year to keep the guidelines up-to-date. Following on from this Holyrood magazine's Child Protection conference will provide you with the opportunity to examine changes to child protection guidance and explore what they mean for the sector, as well as what has been learned from the abuses that have come to light.

The National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland is the framework for agencies and practitioners at a local level to understand and agree processes for working together to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children. The Government states that “Procedures and guidance cannot in themselves protect children; a competent, skilled and confident workforce, together with a vigilant public, can.” At Holyrood’s conference you will  discuss with colleagues and experts from across Scotland the best way to do this.

Most importantly, the conference will explore how you can work with the different agencies and service providers within child protection to ensure that children in Scotland are kept safe. You will discover the lessons learned from weaknesses in past provision of child protection and explore current and future challenges with reference to the implications of changes to guidance.